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Community planning & Zoning services

A community is a comprehensive built environment that addresses all aspects of people and place. The process of creating a community is just as attentive to the impact on the lives of its future residents as it is upon the building and selling of homes and places of work, worship, and recreation.

“Our professional desire is to be creators of communities, rather than packagers of commodities - there is a distinction.”

Presently, the general attitude seems to view our built environment as merely a commodity – an asset class meant to be bought and sold.  Every item that is constructed, as part of our built environment, has a role to play that is more than just something to be identified within a given asset class to later be packaged and sold.  What sort of contribution is being made towards the creation of community if that is the attitude to be taken?  A community yields something far greater, in its whole, than in the sum of its individual parts.  A commodity, on the other hand, is meant to be viewed as singular and separate in order for it to be sold for its individual parts.  

The habitat we create for ourselves has a lot to say about who we are as a society, not to mention the impact that it has on shaping us as people.  When the output is thought of as community building, both the ground rules and the priorities for what we do and how we do it are realigned and put into a more proper order and perspective.

The desire of Commun1ty.one is to balance the necessary attention between both the short and long term aspects of community building. Short term aspects are tied to fiscal responsibility, while long term aspects are focused on creating places for people to grow. Both are important - both are required in order to ensure healthy decision making.

“Space is what development creates.
Place is what human activity, within space, creates.”