We Work with You to Plan Better Communities

Commun1ty.one desires to be creators of communities rather than developers of projects. We desire to balance both the short and long term aspects of city and environmental planning. Short term aspects are tied to fiscal responsibility, while long term aspects are focused on creating places for people to grow. Both are important - both are required in order to ensure healthy decision making. Read more about our core beliefs for building better communities.

“In a neighborhood, people buy community first and the house second.
The more a place resembles an authentic community, the more it is valued,
and one hallmark of a real place is variety.”
— Andres Duany
“When selling community it must be done through emphasizing inclusiveness and neighborhood,
because every new home adds to the amenity when it’s done.
Since conventional suburban development instead emphasizes exclusivity and privacy,
every new home instead is perceived as a threat.”
— Vince Graham